Structure, Practise & Progression

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Structure, Practise & Progression Policy

  1. Nailsworth Silver Band operates a progressive band structure, with standards of musical difficulty generally increasing from the Beginners Band to the Training Band to the Contest Band.
  2. Players are normally members of one band within Nailsworth Silver Band.
  3. Practices and Attendance
  4. Band practice is on a Monday evening. Band players should attend every practice. If you cannot attend, please email as early as possible so that you don't hold up the start of practice, and deputies can be invited, if necessary.
  5. Progression and Auditions
  6. Progression from the Beginners Band to the Training Band is normally by election of individuals identified by the Training Band Manager. All other progression between bands should occur as the result of open audition for spaces identified by the Musical Director using a process controlled by them also.
  7. All auditions must be discussed at a Musical Directors meeting beforehand to ensure that the process is understood by all involved.
  8. When advertising a space, the receiving Musical Director should be as specific as possible regarding the part that the player will play in their new band.
  9. Once internal auditions have been held and if there are no competent and suitable players identified for a vacancy, or exceptionally without auditions when the Musical Directors deem that there are no suitable players within the band for a forthcoming vacancy, then the vacancy may be opened up and advertised for outside candidates to audition. The need to advertise an audition externally in this way must be ratified by the band main committee beforehand.
  10. A band can hold internal auditions at any time to maintain the balance of players on instruments or parts, or to open up gaps for prospective auditionees from outside their band. Alternatively, the Musical Director can move players within the band without audition if they feel that they are in a position to do so based upon recent audition results or a knowledge of player competence.
  11. When a beginner player applies to join Nailsworth Silver Band, they will normally start playing as part of the Training Band.
  12. When a non-beginner player applies to join Nailsworth Silver Band, they will undergo an initial audition to establish which band they might ideally fit into. They will then be placed in one of the bands subject to spaces being available. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to audition existing band members alongside the new entrant to ensure equal opportunity of progression.

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